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"I came to Essential Nutrition because I wanted to learn how to manage my diet -- in order to achieve weight loss and control cholesterol. Before I met Kay, I was always starving so I was always eating. Now, by eating more high soluble fiber foods, I stay full and don’t experience the sugar highs and lows. I also learned about Beano; don’t laugh too much here but one reason I avoided whole grains, beans and legumes was that I couldn’t digest them! I am so far 15 lbs. thinner and tons happier. "    Linda, Chapel Hill

"Essential Nutrition has been an amazing source of support and encouragement to me this year. I cannot tell you how very thankful I am for you. "    Jennifer, Raleigh

"I am so excited. I entered in the 130's today for the first time in years, at least 5-6. I have been enjoying life, not emotional eating, feeling satisfied with food, and active. Once I stopped worrying about food and let myself enjoy food without diet-minded anxiety, I started dropping weight! "    Katharine, Raleigh

"I am so excited. My cholesterol is down from 269 to 220 and my weight is down too. My doctor is planning to send you more patients! "    Lisa, Chapel Hill

"I appreciated the professional friendly approach in laying out a plausible working goal for me to incorporate in my daily food intake. I enjoyed my session with her so much. Thank you! "    Barbarra Pellizzori

"I was anorexic and at first used a nutritionist as a way to get my doctors and mother off my case. Then I actually wanted to learn more nutritionally so I could care for myself better. My nutritionist at Essential Nutrition provided understanding, commitment, wisdom and companionship along the rough road of recovery. "    Liana, Chapel Hill

"It was a good experience for my daughter. We were able to learn together and feel united in a low-key environment. Meeting with a nutritionist at your office helped my daughter understand how food works and not to be afraid of food. "    Diana, Chapel Hill

"These are real people. They understand what you’re going through, and have your best interests at heart. They are knowledgeable and kind, offering equal parts empathy and information. It helps. It really does. "    Sally, Chapel Hill