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NUTRITION counseling & wellness coaching, Durham/Chapel Hill

Why See Our Licensed Dietitians/Nutritionists?

Essential Nutrition works with adults, children, teens and families. We believe that food and eating are important parts of our lives and should be enjoyed but should not generally rule or control us. For most people, healthy eating can be flexible. 

  • Do you need help following a special diet for diabetes, high blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, or weight loss? 
  • Do you have irritable bowel syndrome or other gastrointestinal problems? 
  • Do you need more energy that balanced healthy eating can bring? 
  • Are you trying to maximize your athletic performance through nutrition? 
  • Are you dealing with emotional eating or an eating disorder and need guidance and support for a healthier path? 
  • Or, do you want to improve several areas of your lifestyle and want guidance and coaching to meet your vision and goals? Read more about our counseling services.

We Use Scientific Evidence

Essential Nutrition uses scientific evidence to help you establish habits for choosing, preparing and eating delicious and wholesome foods. Making small, sustainable lifestyle changes can improve your health. We will guide and coach you to achieve your goals to better health.


We are participating providers for BCBS, Aetna, Cigna and other insurance companies. Call or email to inquire about eligibility.

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